Arcam HDA SA10


Integrerad förstärkare från Arcam med mer flexibilitet än någonsin och samma prisbelönta ljud sätter Arcam SA10 en ny klassstandard.


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Brand – Arcam
Color – Black
USB – 1 – charge only
Weight – (KG) 10
Smartphone control – Yes – Musiclife
Analogue – RCA Inputs 3 + MM Phono/Line 4
MP3 Front Input – 1 x 3.5mm
Remote Control – yes
Power Output – Watts per CH 50 x 2
Phono Input – Yes – MM
Optical Digital Inputs – 1
Pre Output – Yes
Headphone Output – Yes
Speaker Sets – 1


Winning heritage
Based on the award-winning Arcam A19, the SA10 is one of the best-sounding amplifiers in its class. As you’d expect from Arcam, the sound quality is supremely well balanced with a smooth, refined treble, life-like mid-range and powerful (but not overblown) bass. Suiting a wide range of music, the SA10 gets to the heart of the tune, letting you hear the music exactly as the creator intended.

The first Arcam amp with digital inputs
In a first for Arcam, the SA10 comes with digital inputs. This means that you can connect your TV, CD/DVD/Blu-ray player, games console, streamer or other device via the optical and two coaxial digital inputs.

By going direct and using the Arcam’s built-in ESS DAC (Digital to Analogue Convertor), you get superb clarity and a much more ‘open’ sound with strong dynamics. TV will never have sounded so good!

Dig out your vinyl
If you use a turntable then you’re in for a treat with the Arcam SA10. The dedicated phono input (Moving Magnet) built into the SA10 is a high quality device, designed to get the best from your vinyl.

Unlike many integral phono stages that are simply there to make up the spec, the Arcam’s has been carefully developed to provide low noise and high levels of detail within the music.

If you don’t plan to use a record deck, simply switch the input to line level and you can use it for another source.

Connect it all
As well as the three digital inputs and phono stage, the SA10 is also equipped with three analogue RCA inputs and a front-mounted 3.5mm AUX input.

The socket at the front is perfect for portables or even your smartphone, with the rear inputs ideal for permanent sources such as a CD player and tuner.

If you’re a headphones fan, the high quality, built-in headphone amp is punchy enough to get the best out of a wide range of designs.

Control options
As standard, the Arcam SA10 is supplied with a backlit, learning remote control. This makes it easier to use in low light levels and it will control other handy functions – such as your amp’s volume control.

If you’d rather operate the amp via your iPhone or iPad, simply connect to your network and download Arcam’s Musiclife app for seamless control.

For effortless operation as part of a home automation system, the SA10 also features Net, RS232 and USB (for charging only) interfaces.


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