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Cyrus Stream Xa

Stream Xa incorporates Cyrus advanced streaming engine with a high quality 24-bit DAC so it can be used as a source in traditional hi-fi systems without the need to invest in a separate high performance DAC.

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Cyrus XP₂ Qx


The Cyrus XP2-Qx is an all-in-one music streamer, DAC and preamplifier, and is being hailed as the flagship of the company’s streaming products. It’s an upgraded version of the Stream XP, with Cyrus’s top-end Qx DAC.


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Cyrus Stream XP2

Stream XP₂ incorporates our streaming engine with a high performance DAC and pre amplifier. The high definition streaming system at the heart of the Stream XP₂ is compatible with the highest resolution 24-bit music files, and is designed to make sure nothing is added to or taken away from the artist’s recording.

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Cyrus Stream X Signature

Stream X Signature is our highest performance streamer source component; it uses Cyrus’ state-of-the-art streaming engine and has been developed to provide the best sound resolution possible from a network audio library. It will fully exploit the highest quality 24-bit/192 kHz files.

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