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This intelligent, highly regulated audiophile power supply can be connected to the vast majority of Cyrus products. By providing an extremely smooth and stable DC feed, the PSX-R helps the partnered component to achieve its the full potential. This is one of our most popular upgrades and is highly recommended.

maj 24, 201610,000kr Quick Viewcyrus-elektronik-div elektronik-div elektronikcyrus
Pass Labs XVR1 Crossover

One of the absolute best crossovers!

december 6, 201679,990kr
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Nagra MPS

The Nagra MPS is a multiple power supply designed to power up to four Nagra units at once, as well as the BPS compact phono preamplifier.

april 17, 201565,890kr78,650kr Quick Viewelektronik-div nagra-elektronik-div elektroniknagra
Nagra VFS - HD VFS

The VFS and HD VFS both consist of two base plates, placed one above the other, designed to eliminate mechanical vibration causing noise in other elements of the system, in particular the highly sensitive preamplifiers.

april 19, 201523,100kr27,000kr Quick Viewelektronik-div nagra-diverse nagra-elektronik-div elektronik tillbehor diversenagra
T+A PS 3000 HV

The soft pressure of the skin, the stroking and the lightness with which the steel bristles tremulously lifted of again appeared with the T+A system almost alarming and spine-tinglingly true to life.

september 16, 2016104,500kr Quick Viewelektronik-div ta-elektronik-div elektronikta
Auralic Aries Mini

Denna produkt har utgått.

september 9, 2015 Quick Viewauralic auralic-elektronik-div auralic-stromma-musik elektronik-div da-konverterare stromma-musik elektronikauralic
DCS Network Bridge

The dCS Network Bridge acts as an elegantly simple but hugely powerful interface between your digital music and your DAC.

mars 10, 201749,990kr Quick Viewdcs-stromma-musik dcs-elektronik-div elektronik-div elektronik stromma-musikdcs
Bryston PS-3, power Supply

PS-3 Power Supply
Minimize noise in your Bryston phono and line level preamplifiers with an external power supply. By separating power supply electronics from sensitive audio electronics, noise and distortion can be minimized. The PS-3 is basically a single-channel version of Bryston’s MPS-2. If you have multiple Bryston products that require an outboard power supply, the MPS-2 is the right choice.


augusti 31, 201711,300kr Quick Viewbryston-elektronik-div elektronik-div elektronikbryston
Bryston TF-2, Phono Step-up Transformer

TF-2 Phono Step-up Transformer
Low output moving coil cartridges are well loved for their detail and nuance, but need more gain than what most active preamps can provide. Too much active gain for these low-output carts introduces noise and distortion, so let your first gain stage be the TF-2 passive step-up transformer. The TF-2 adds 20 or 31dB of gain (choose at time of purchase), entirely with high quality wide bandwidth transformers and no active parts. Use the TF-2 with a Bryston BP-2 MM active gain stage or with your existing phono preamp.

augusti 31, 201716,545kr Quick Viewbryston-phonosteg-riaa bryston-elektronik-div elektronik-div elektronik phonosteg-riaabryston
Parasound ZoneMaster 4 DAX

ZoneMaster 4 DAX Four Zone 192kHz/24bit DAC and Crossover

november 6, 201713,390kr
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Kondo Audio Note CFz

Rich presence full of details and strength
Music with exquisite color

mars 15, 201737,400kr
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Kondo Audio Note SFz

World of beauty alive in the silence
Sound awakened vividly with naturalness

mars 15, 2017108,900kr
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Martin Logan Forte

The Art of Wireless Performance

juni 28, 20176,900kr Quick Viewelektronik-div martin-logan-elektronik-div elektronikmartin-logan
Clearaudio Smart Synchro

The synchronous motors used in Clearaudio’s turntables achieve their best sound potential with a stabilized power supply such as the Smart Synchro power generator.

november 11, 20166,790kr
Quick Viewclearaudio-elektronik-div elektronik-div elektronikclearaudio

Innovative charging technology redefines the state of the art.

november 11, 20167,380kr
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Clearaudio ACCU Drive

A revolutionary turntable DC power supply


november 11, 201619,790kr Quick Viewclearaudio-elektronik-div elektronik-div elektronikclearaudio