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DCS Bartók

dCS Bartók är en High-End DAC med inbyggd Streaming & Hörlursförstärkare

november 6, 2018136,990kr164,990kr Quick Viewdcs-da-konverterare elektronik da-konverteraredcs
DCS Vivaldi Upsampler

Vivaldi Upsampler is designed to act as the hub of a digital audio system and will transform your listening experience, taking your music collection to levels you have not heard before.

april 12, 2015209,990kr Quick Viewdcs-da-konverterare dcs-upsampler elektronik da-konverterare upsamplerdcs
DCS Vivaldi DAC

Vivaldi DAC uses the latest groundbreaking dCS technology including ‘next generation’ versions of the dCS Ring DAC™, Digital Processing Platform and Clocking System so that, as the hub of a digital audio system, an array of features guarantees superlative performance from any digital source.

april 12, 2015310,990kr Quick Viewdcs-da-konverterare elektronik da-konverteraredcs