Parasound JC 5 – outstandig ​product – enligt Hi-Fi News

jc5 front black

This is one fast, hard-hitting amplifier with superb grip’

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Parasound rates the JC5 down to 5Hz and that bass extension seems entirely credible when listening, as does the prodigious multi-hundred watt power rating. Be in no doubt: this amplifier can sound totally brutal when the music requires. During the review period I ran it on the end of the excellent Benchmark HPA4 headphone amp/preamp [HFN Nov ’18] – which, despite its compact dimensions, is more than up to the task – and discovered the JC5 capable of a massive, yet clearly resolved sound.

With the recent 96kHz/24-bit remaster of Led Zeppelin’s The Song Remains The Same [Swan Song 0603497862757], it powered out the basslines on ‘Dazed And Confused’ – yes, all half hour of it – and then thundered through Bonham’s workout on ‘Moby Dick’, phase effects and all. This is one fast, hard-hitting amplifier, and it exerts a superb grip on the speakers (my PMC OB1s in this instance) to make sure they do what it wants, as was clear from the drums pounding the listening room.

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