Ny integrerad från T+A

Mycket intressant integrerad förstärkare med mycket fin DAC. Dessutom med HDMI modul som option för förstklassig 2-kanals film/tv.

Vi saxar från nyhetsmailet från T+A.

Our analogue world is becoming increasingly digital. This is a reason for us to combine our excellent PA 1000 E analog integrated amplifier with an outstanding DAC and thus combine the best of both worlds in one device.

The result is the PA 1100 E, an integrated amplifier with DAC, which has both analog and digital inputs and converts digital audio signals into analog signals of the highest quality via the high-resolution and extremely linear 32-bit D/A converter. The PA 1100 E can decode DSD signals (up to DSD 256) and PCM signals (up to 32 / 384), while providing the exceptional power and refinement the E series has become known for.  

For use in audio/video integrated systems, the PA 1100 E can be ordered with optional HDMI input / outputs that enable high performance 2 channel amplification / integration into any video display.  

1100e back
T+A 1100 E, back

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