Intressant artikel om revolutionerande BACCH i Soundstageglobal….

201806 bacchsp adio

Vi saxar och länkar till intressant artikel i Soundstageglobal om BACCH’s produkter och revolutionerande teknik för autentisk återgivning av musiken.

I traveled several hours on a rainy May afternoon to the Cherry Hill, New Jersey, showroom of Hi-Fi Sales for its “Bringing It All Together” manufacturers’ event. Scheduled to attend were Gary Ko, president and CEO of Genesis Advanced Technologies; Robert Pleyer, sales director of Rogers High Fidelity; Princeton University professor Edgar Choueiri, the founder of Theoretica Applied Physics; and the father-son team of Harry Weisfeld and Mat Weisfeld, the founder/owner and president, respectively, of VPI Industries…..

Här hittar du länken till artikeln.


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