20 Oct 2015

Lyssningsrum och musikupplevelse i världsklass med kombinationen MBL/SMT

MBL är världsberömda “state of the art” rundstrålande högtalare. SMT är världsberömd akustikbehandling av lyssningsrum. Tillsammans är MBL/SMT en oslagbar kombination.

Här är en en bild och kommentarer från en installation av båda MBL och SMT hos en amerikansk musikälskare.

The owner of the MBL/SMT room:

I am fortunate enough to have had a dedicated room constructed for Hi-Fi in my home. I initially contracted Jocavi for some room help and was supplied with some “computer designed acoustic treatment.”

One of the many strengths of the MBL system is its “lifelike” quality, that it can create believable sonic images that sound “live” in the room with me. I have heard this sensation described as like being at a play, where other systems are more like going to the movies.

But the sound in my room after the installation of the Jocavi designs left me wanting. The room was dead; not just dead for music playback, but also dead when speaking or just “being” in the room without music playing. It made you uncomfortable.

MBL suggested I meet with Matts Odemalm from SMT Sweden to see about having my room treatments redesigned and installed.
I was able to meet Matts at the Munich High End show last year, and was impressed by his knowledge, manner, and passion for great, natural sound. He clearly “thinks out of the box” and does not use foam-type acoustic panels that absorb, reflect, and diffuse all at the same time. All of this is supposed to be calculated for a range of frequency in their modeling and measured by a microphone. Too “rough.”

SMT puts knowledge, experience, and practical custom made devices into their “holistic” approach. It took over five years of trial and error to finally get my dedicated listening room to sound as good as I imagined it could sound. Since SMT designed and installed their optimized devices around the room, there is now a total absence of coloration; where “tonal color” and character take on a much more authentic, realistic presentation. I no longer hear the room or the system: I experience the music.

And the wonderful layers deep in my favorite recordings are now plainly revealed, each within its own space, but still woven within the fabric of the event. I now not only hear the musician’s sound, but their effort as well. Their “intent.” Music that didn’t speak to me in the past has become more vivid, more emotional, more present. I enjoy much more music now that the SMT “system” has certainly injected life and emotion to the room.

Now, tonality in my room is spot on, allowing the MBL system to perform to its capacity…to get out of the way and allow the listener to connect with the music. Once the SMT system was completely installed, it became plainly clear that this was the most effective room improvement I have ever experienced. Thank you, Matts, for sharing the SMT magic with me.

These moments of revelation are what make our Hi-Fi hobby rewarding. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misunderstanding and misleading that goes on in the High-end audio business. But once on the right track, the results are nothing short of magical. Thank you, Matts and Jeremy (accurateconstructionchigago) at SMT. A long journey has brought me to the “best seat in the house” for every “performance.”

The owner of the MBL/SMT room:

“ A highly recognized piano soloist, previously engaged by the Concert Hall, has listened to a great number of piano records, including those with her own performances, and explains: The acoustics of Akustikum is obviously cleaner, clearer and more generous to the individual listener than what can be perceived in the public concert hall.

The MBL/SMT combination commented by Matts Odemalm:

“ The dynamics and rich timbre of the Grand Piano far exceeded what I have heard in any concert hall, including among others also the Musicverain…”

“ “The SMT/MBL combo truly optimizes the SMT-wing loading….

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